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Welcome to Simplified IT. We specialize in providing big IT support and solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

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From the time when I was 4 years old and my dad brought home our first “8088” computer I was hooked. I have always enjoyed fixing computers and writing small programs. When networks became more affordable and common place I wired up all the computers in the house with network cable running down the halls and down the stairs and shared our dial-up internet connection. It wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t pretty but this was the most fascinating thing in the world to me. I could now share printers, files and our amazingly slow dial-up internet.

In 2003 I established Simplified IT. It was my love of technology and networking that got me started, but it’s the joy of helping businesses like yours take advantage of technologies they didn’t realize they already had access to which keeps me hooked. Networking these days is no longer a bunch of desktop computers in a single office. It’s VPNs, laptops, Blackberries, smart phones and internet based phone calls all keeping you connected. The day has come when your office can be a patio chair on the other side of the world, and it’s exciting! Already 90% of the work Simplified IT does can be done remotely. If we are onsite it’s because of a hardware failure or just because we missed seeing you and wanted to say hi.


In 2008 Simplified IT was incorporated and there is now two of us. We now provide toll-free service to everyone and we are always in touch with our smart phones. In fact, we all have high-speed internet on the road and can connect to you from almost anywhere. Do you have a phone capable of receiving email? Chances are you also have the ability to get high-speed internet wherever you like. You should ask us how.