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As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Valet” is the following:
va·let noun \ˈva-lət, ˈva-(ˌ)lā, va-ˈlā\
Middle English vadlet, valet, from Anglo-French, young man of noble birth serving a lord, boy, servant, from Medieval Latin *vassellittus

For simplifiedit; had computers, Blackberries and the internet existed in the 14th century, we would have been there to nobly serve you; with fantastic IT service. Our goal is to not only serve you, but to incorporate this service into our products so you may call upon us whenever you need a hand and feel relaxed knowing we aren’t counting the minutes to add it to the next bill. So look for the “Valet Service” in our products and you’ll know that the advertised price is all you’ll pay.